2017: Year of the Fire Rooster

Sexy Chicken

The Lunar New Year (celebrated as Chinese New Year) lands this year on January 28th, with the solar marker ‘Lap Chun’, the so-called ‘coming of Spring’ on February 4th 2017, heralding the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac.

A combination of the elements of yin fire (a candle) and the Rooster’s fixed element, yin metal (a coin), foster an image of forged steel, a delicate, finely crafted tool, a beautiful piece of jewelry, or even a clearly articulated and well developed argument. Yin fire is swift, impressionable, exploitative, devoted, and guiding. This element longs to be loved by the world and seeks deep connections with people. Like a candle holding light in dark places, the energy of yin fire illuminates the way through the darkness.

Yin metal is refined, grandiose, brilliant, meticulous and materialistic, loves to show off to others and have them marvel at their brilliance. Good looks, style, powerful intellect, relationships, reputation and beauty are all indicated by the sparkle of delicate metal. Like a wedding ring with its close emotional meaning, this element holds real loyalty and heart with a style that makes all who see it envious.

A refined and dignified year ahead as the cock always puts on a good front (even if behind the scenes things get a bit dicey). Rooster energy favours beauty, intellect, articulation, truth-speaking, and being in the limelight. Performance artists, burlesque dancers, stage acts, circus troupes and fine fashion are likely to thrive with this year’s demonstrative energy. Technological innovation and new inventions that serve to enhance visual experience will excite and change perceptions of reality and the wide world, whereas a slight decline in craftsmanship and hand-made items will put some small businesses out of work altogether.

A cardinal year, represented by the West direction in the Chinese Compass (Bagua), the Rooster is a powerful romance star, bringing lessons in love, especially to those born in the Monkey, Dragon and Rat year or month. This year could inspire life-long commitments (a ring, perhaps?), or encourage the passions of non-exclusive affairs. Known as the concubine of the chinese zodiac, the Fire Rooster values sophisticated romance, and is sure to put any fair-feathered romances to a hard test.

The Rooster likes to strut his stuff, put on a good face (never humiliate a Rooster publicly) and the pompous and vain cock with have it’s share of demonstrative, outlandish behaviour, foolery, and even a few cock fights! Scholarly and academic pursuits are favoured for many, and this will be a year for hard work, show-offs, and arrogant authority.

Health problems this year relate to disorders of the reproductive organs, STI’s, skin problems, rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, or even a plague of boils. Think of molting chickens – the phoenix sometimes does go to ashes before he can rise and the combination of fire and metal can wreak havoc on the skin, lungs, large intestine, and cause inflammation to the GI tract.

Don’t forget there is more to Astrology (and Chinese Metaphysics) than just the year of your birth, but for the purposes of this writing, I offer a few general words of wisdom for the year ahead based on your celestial year and month. In Bazi (Chinese Astrology), the year, month, day and hour all have animal signs, so as individuals we have a combination of 4 astrological branches/animals. As a general guideline, here’s what it means for you based on your year and/or month of birth (you can read both – you’ll get the idea).

If you’re born in the year of the Rabbit (or the month of Pisces): Choose change. This year will bring challenge and opportunity to the Rabbit. The Rooster and Rabbit are opposing cardinal signs and while the bunny loves to snuggle, the sophistication of the Rooster calls for a much more extravagant and demonstrative mating ritual. A prudent year to have your mammogram, pap test, or STD tests completed, bunny’s. The metal energy of this year will cut into the Rabbit’s fixed element of wood, indicating small surgeries (think laser surgery, wart removal), and electing to take your punches may help alleviate the challenges. Although rabbits are generally peaceful and well-meaning creatures, this year could have you feeling as if you’re backed into a corner where you might be tempted to fight, flight or bite. Your cuddly and lovable side this year will be in high demand and you may feel more appreciated for your soft, loving, and courteous service.

If you’re born in the year of the Dragon (or the month of Aries): The Dragon is the best friend to the Rooster, so get ready for a good year, Dragons! The Red Phoenix and the Mystical energy of the Dragon combine to express a strong celestial pairing this year. The talented and ambitious Dragon is supported by the meticulous perfectionism of the Rooster, and these two signs are meant to swing together, and do business together! Woo your mate with your powerful position with a strut in your step and a feather in your hat. Enjoy the rewards of the hard work and investment you’ve made in the year of the Monkey, but keep your eye on your bank account, as overspending this year will bring you challenges in 2018 when the Dog brings you back down to the earthly levels.

If you’re born in the year of the Snake (or the month of Taurus): A good year to find love, Snakes. Fear not, following the somewhat destructive and unexpected challenges of 2016, you’re ready for a bit of easy luck, and this year you could find it. You’re a sophisticated intellectual, a great planner and a truth speaker, so you’ll love the Rooster’s ability to support your work by getting everything right, on time and on budget. Don’t let your own laziness get in the way – this is your time to move forward with your vision. People will appreciate your efforts to schedule, organize, and act as a creative visionary for any work you’re involved with. Finally some recognition for your fine talents and beauty – don’t let a skeptical or overly pessimistic attitude get in the way of your success this year.

If you’re born in the year of the Horse (or the month of Gemini): There’s nothing to fear from this year, except true love. The intellectual sense of the cock can smell your lies, Gemini’s, so try the truth for a change. Sports and athletics are a good place to take out your frustrations at being outsmarted, out-performed, or just out-played this year. Take some time to do the self-love that you’re so good at, and look forward to having a better team effort in 2018. It could be a good year to start your own business, travel the world, or make new friends, but all these things can add pressure to your simple objective – you want to be seen and will do anything to get all eyes focused on you!

If you’re born in the year of the Sheep (or the month of Cancer): Dear Goat: Your sensitivities are a great blessing, but they are also your worst curse. Try to thicken your skin this year as many people will criticize you for being soft, whimsical, even wimpy (wussy?). Don’t forget that a good defence is often the best offence and that words are cheap, whereas actions speak the truth. Stay focused on the task at hand, and find joy in your domestic duties (knitting? crafting? whittling?) at home this year. Ride on the good times from last year and stick close to your best friend, the Horse for sympathy and comfort.

If you’re born in the year of the Monkey (or the month of Leo): Clever monkey. Work with the Rooster to refine, renew, revise. Your intelligent planning and criminal mind are a great asset to the energy of this year and those who are in favour now. After getting to know your dark side last year, it’s time to reach out and get to know others. Step into the light. Be the life of the party. People see the best in you this year, and although leisure and relaxation would be great, if you work hard, this year could put you ahead of your game and well on the road to future achievements. Work on your health, your projects, your relationships and your love language and you can expect to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet. It’s your time to shine.

If you’re born in the year of the Rooster (or the month of Virgo): Don’t go looking for a fight – it might just come to you. Overall a good year for Roosters to celebrate their qualities, but beware as bad habits may rear their ugly head and there’s danger in the air. Notice any addictive, self-destructive, egotistical, pompous or arrogant behaviour in yourself or others? When you point at me there’s three fingers pointing back at you! Roosters are not inclined to work with their own kind, and can be ruthless and cruel in their criticism and truth-talking. Your sharp tongue cuts deeply, and the word FORGIVENESS might be something to look up in the dictionary this year. Seek out the companionship of the Snake and the Ox who will sympathize with your mental anguish, and offer you some industrious, purposeful and constructive ways to apply your energy.

If you’re born in the year of the Dog (or the month of Libra): A mixed year. You can take it or leave it, make it, or break it. Hard work will pay off as you team up with the annual energy and the charm of the Monkey (your talisman this year). You’re attractive to others and can form alliances and bonds that will last. Be your truthful, loving, loyal and accountable self and you’ll find this year has an abundance of good company and the promise of future success. Don’t look for recognition now, but know that it will be there when you least expect it. Support, reassurance and true friendship is the return on your genuine investment of time and energy.

If you’re born in the year of the Pig (or the month of Scorpio): Meticulously clean or appallingly filthy, the Pig could benefit this year from heeding the advice of the truthful Rooster. Get whatever motivation you can find from constructive criticism, and as you apply it, watch yourself become more skillful, more creative, more expanded than ever. Seek out those in the world who inspire you to fuel you your deep artistic aspirations this year. Although money might be a little tight, there’s an abundance of opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds and laughter of a well rounded year.

If you’re born in the year of the Rat (or the month of Sagittarius):
This year offers you a clean slate, if you choose it. Ready to hit the BIG RED BUTTON and eject yourself from your house, your relationship, your job? All at once? Think twice. This year you could be tempted to burn down the house, and rebuild from the ground up. Consider setting a foundation for future growth, rather than demanding that it all happen now. A year of change and also challenge for you, souris. You might have to weed your garden of friendships, family, or lovers, and it’s likely this year will change and mould your life or the lives of the people you know for the years to come. Demanding instant gratification can push you over the edge – how can you make this year a fresh start without destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build? CREATE your future, it’s up to you.

If you’re born in the year of the Ox (or the month of Capricorn): This is a year of magic for the hardworking Ox, who is friend of the Rooster. The pragmatic, dependable Ox can enjoy a year of much accomplishment, especially where new knowledge is concerned. There’s an opportunity to re-train, upgrade, and establish yourself as a professional, but you may have to learn to let something go. A full plate and a heavy load are you natural state, but if you’re not doing it for the money, why take on so much? Perhaps there’s more to life than your bank account, and this year you’ll get a chance to see what that is. You are not meant to be a human doing! Set yourself up as a human BEing – rest and balance keeps you full steam ahead.

If you’re born in the year of the Tiger (or the month of Aquarius): Got plans to change the world? Speak out. Take action. There’s a bit of pressure on you now, Tiger, so speak your truth, but also mind your tongue. As a public speaker and team leader, we all love to see your smile, but this year you’re on a mission and it may look more like a fierce sabre-toothed snarl. Social action is important, but don’t tied too tightly in a knot, change takes time and you’ll need to pace your efforts or risk burn out. There’s time to get your point out there, and although urgency and fear are great motivators, their influence is seldom lasting. Take in some scenery this year and don’t forget to live life to the fullest.