About Susan Horning

Owner and founder of Unity Yoga Teahouse in Vancouver, Susan Horning is a socially-conscious entrepreneur, global traveler, yoga teacher and mystic. She leads an inclusive community founded on authentic connections and supportive friendships, holding space for the many colours and cultures of the Commercial Drive community. She feels blessed by the privilege of working with students at every level, and in addition to her public classes, offers private classes for community mental health, at-risk youth, ESL students and children.

A follower of the Tao, Susan teaches both yin and yang styles of yoga, believing that both are required for a balanced practice. Having completed over 500 hours of training in different traditions, her classes are a fusion of the flowing grace of ashtanga vinyasa, the alignment principles of Anusara, and the energetic vibrations of kundalini and Qi Gong. Yin yoga and insight meditation are her passion, offering balance through the practice of stillness, self-inquiry and mindful awareness.

Susan began her studies of Chinese astrology following the death of her father, as an inquiry into the interconnectedness of her relationships. A year of deep spiritual realization and growth attuned her to the nature of Spirit, and in turn spurred her discovery of the mystic arts. Under the guidance of Master Marlyna Los of East West Academy and her teacher, author Lily Chung, Ph.D., Susan discovered the systematic astrology of Bazi (Four Pillars) Chinese astrology. This detailed and methodical practice unfolded a path of truth which dramatically altered her life and spiritual understanding.

Susan now offers spiritual guidance and cosmic flow analysis in Four Pillars Chinese astrology (Bazi), intuits tarot, and draws wisdom from the deep well of the I-Ching. She is a student of flying star feng shui and enjoys the art of zen placement and design. Her love for the esoteric and magical qualities of our existence inspires her to see the world from a unique perspective, interpreting the unique manifestations of time as it affects each of us.

Aspiring to assist people to know themselves more fully through their practice, Susan offers gentle guidance and support along a path of self-discovery. She believes that all of us learn best when we trust our own inner guide and encourages all her students to find their most authentic expression of themselves through serving and teaching one another. 

…Your space is filled with such divine love and the spirit in which it you share a reading is pure & *magickal*.

—Kali Starhawk