About Susan Horning

Owner and founder of Unity Yoga in Vancouver, Susan Horning is a practicing astrologist, yoga teacher, retreat facilitator, and clinical herbalist. She offers private consultations in destiny analysis, using an ancient method of Chinese Astrology called Bazi, that is based on the classical five elements model. She is also a Clinical Herbalist, and runs a sister company, Unity Herbals in Vancouver.

A follower of the Tao, Susan teaches yin and yang yoga, believing that a balanced practice sets the foundation for healthy living. She is devoted to her practice of insight meditation for the deep wisdom that arises through stillness, self-inquiry and mindful awareness.

Susan began her studies of Chinese astrology following the death of her father, as an inquiry into her personal relationships. Her spiritual realization spurred her discovery of the metaphysical subject of Feng Shui and Bazi (Four Pillars Astrology). This detailed and methodical practice unfolded a path of understanding which dramatically altered her perspective.

A student of many masters, Susan has been influenced by her teachers Marlyna Los (Vancouver, Canada), Lily Chung (California, USA), Richard Ashworth (United Kingdom), and most recently Joey Yap (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn first hand from great Masters, and has found the subject of Feng Shui and Bazi enriching both personally and professionally. 

…Your space is filled with such divine love and the spirit in which it you share a reading is pure & *magickal*.

—Kali Starhawk