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Who is Quan Yin?

Published on February 2, 2011 in General by .

Regarded by the Chinese as the “Goddess of Mercy and Compassion”, Quan Yin was originally perceived as male until the early part of the 12th century, when she evolved from her prototype Avalokiteshvara. She stands tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, her gently composed features conveying sublime selflessness and compassion. Regarded as “the merciful lord of utter enlightenment”, Avalokiteshvara was an Indian Bodhisattva who chose to remain on earth to bring relief to suffering rather than enjoy for himself the ecstasies of Nirvana.

In China, Quan Yin is known by many names; “Goddess of Compassion and Mercy”, “Goddess of Salvation from Misery”, and “Goddess of One Thousand Arms and Eyes” are a few.

Worshipped especially by women, she comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost, the senile and the unfortunate. Her popularity has grown such throughout the centuries; she is now also regarded as the protector of all seafarers, farmers and travelers. She cares for souls in the underworld, and is invoked during post-burial rituals to free the soul of the deceased from the torments of purgatory. There are temples all over China dedicated to this Goddess, and she is worshipped by women in on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th and 9th moons of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Quan Yin is usually depicted as a barefoot, gracious woman dressed in white flowing robes, with a white hood gracefully draped over the top of her head, and carrying a small upturned vase of holy dew.

She stands tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, her gently composed features conveying the sublime selflessness and compassion that have made her the favourite of all deities. She may be seated on an elephant, standing on a fish, nursing a baby, holding a basket, having six arms or a thousand, one head or eight — one atop the next, and four, eighteen, or forty hands, with which she strives to alleviate the sufferings of the unhappy. Her bare feet are the consistent quality in her depictions, symbolizing simplicity, humility and groundedness.

She is frequently depicted as riding a mythological animal known as the Hou, which somewhat resembles a Buddhist lion or dragon, and symbolises the divine supremacy exercised by Quan Yin over the elements of nature.

Her bare feet are the consistent quality in her depictions, symbolizing simplicity, humility and groundedness.

On public altars, Quan Yin is frequently flanked by two acolytes, to her right a barefoot, shirtless youth with his hands clasped in prayer known as Shan-ts’ai (The Golden Youth), and on her left a maid demurely holding her hands together inside her sleeves known as Lung-nü (Jade Maiden).

Revered by many cultures as an icon, Quan Yin has become symbol of compassion, justice, and grace throughout the entire world.