What is Divination?

Published on February 1, 2011 in General by .

There are many forms of Divination, and most offer insight through a process of self-realization and reflection, usually with the facilitation of a reliable guide.

The value of guidance

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and unsure what to do next?
  • Are you growing, changing or experiencing rapid change?
  • Do you want to plan ahead?
  • Are you ready to know yourself more deeply?

Divination is an effective tool that can offer clear guidance during times of transition, assisting us to move with clarity and purpose. The primary goal of divination is to add insight to our path by examining our personality, cycles, and stars that influence us. Historically, divination was associated with religion, however modern uses do not necessarily imply religious values or ideals. Divination is simply a tool to access our innate unity-awareness.

Free Will

It’s important to remember that we always have free will to choose our own path through life, and we are responsible for the consequences of our decisions and manifestation. There are ways to interpret patterns of nature which can guide us in the right direction, or help us to understand our personality or why we make the choices we do. Divination is sometimes overlooked as being ‘fate-driven’ but on the contrary it can offer us great insight into ourselves, our life purpose, and our current path. It can be to our advantage to understand our naturally occurring patterns to prepare for life’s transitions, circumstances, and lessons.

The Holy Trinity

There are three levels that affect our lives: Heaven Energy (Divination), Man Energy (Free Will) and Earth Energy (Our Surroundings) that affect our manifestation, often referred to as the ‘Holy Trinity’.

Heaven Energy

The effect of the macrocosm or greater cosmos on our activities. This includes our predestined lessons, ‘fate’, or karma that has been manifested through our ancestor’s choices and actions. This form of energy includes hereditary and genetic patterns, our DNA, and is like a ‘cosmic blueprint’ for our lives and future generations.

Man Energy

Our choices, free will, integrity and ability to act in the best interest of all or in our personal self-interest. Through our choices and actions we adapt and change the manifestation of our lives, customizing our path to match our personality and needs, carving our individual mark in the world.

Earth Energy

Our environment and surrounds, where and how we live, our ‘Feng Shui’, eight directions, and local landscape. We are all affected by our environment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, etc… As a global citizen, we must all take responsibility for maintaining and nurturing Earth energy for ourselves and our communities.

Divination is a tool with the primary intention of interpreting Heaven Energy.

Divination is a tool with the primary intention of interpreting Heaven Energy. Therefore it cannot predict the details of Man or Earth energy. It is simply an analysis of the general flavour of our existence, a tool for greater self realization, and a method to interpret the effects of the natural law on our daily lives.

The effect of luck

It’s important to recognize that all three of these energies are very powerful and when in tune with the highest principles can bring great happiness and good luck.

Luck is inherent in all of us, although some may be born with greater luck than others, we are all given opportunities to thrive and be our fullest selves. Luck can be enhanced or diminished through the cultivation of man and earth energy, but each of us is born with different measures of luck in our flow. In other words, a man born with good luck who performs noble deeds will have a more favourable flow than one who is born with less luck and the same noble actions.