Natural Law, Cosmic Flow and the Five Elements

Published on February 3, 2011 in General by .

For many generations, the mystic arts have been revered for assisting people to understand and move within the confines of natural law. Natural law is comprised of the rules that govern how our cosmos operates within the context of the five natural phases, or elements. In Chinese Astrology, these elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The effects of natural law influence all things, and by attuning ourselves to our cosmic flow we can follow a path toward greater happiness and success.

Is there just fate?

It is important to understand that cosmic flow can be favourable or unfavourable. In general, there will always be some elements that are not favourable (everyone has bad days), and some periods of time in one’s life may have more favourable elements than others.

To find our optimal path, it is important to adjust our own choices and reactions to ‘go with the flow’. This is not as simple as it sounds! Depending how the macrocosm affects us, we may have our judgment clouded, and it is best to follow the advice of a guide. Each lesson that we face brings its own measure of growth and our success will depend to a great degree on our ability to observe clearly what is happening, and respond appropriately through right action.

How do we find right action?

Meditation has been shown to deeply enhance our awareness of self and it is recommended with all forms of divination that some meditative reflection is not only enhancing, but completely necessary in order to assimilate the information that is available in our sub-conscience. As a process of integration, meditation opens the pathways between the conscious and subconscious realms and is a process that can accelerate and deepen our process of self-awareness. Taking time to reflect and integrate our lessons and experiences, we are able to move with better clarity, focus and purpose toward our highest intentions.